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Offered for all ages and levels, students learn classical ballet technique and vocabulary in a disciplined and stimulating environment. Our ballet training focuses on the development of clear classical lines, and a strong emphasis on precision and musicality.



(Nursery/Pre-K & Kind./1st) Two classes in one! Students learn the basics of two different styles of movement. A great way to introduce multiple dance styles, boys and girls will work to further their coordination, musicality, and muscle memory in these engaging classes.



Offered for all levels, modern classes begin as creative movement with both classical and contemporary technique being introduced as students advance. Under the large umbrella of modern dance, classes will focus on release technique, transitions, dynamics, weight, and floor work. Improvisation and basic partnering skills are introduced as students progress.



By teacher recommendation only. Dancers must take at least 2 ballet classes per week and exhibit proper strength and understanding of technique to be considered.



Offered for all levels, Jazz/Contemporary Jazz is a fast-paced, funky, and very energetic class where the body learns to move quickly with finesse. With a strong focus on jazz technique, classes will include turning, leaping, isolations, and contracting and suspending the body. Each student receives the most current training, with solid technical base.



Offered for all levels, students are introduced to both Broadway and Rhythm tap styles. Students learn to use their feet as an instrument, with a heavy focus on musicality, syncopation, phrasing, and dynamics. Broadway style will include more full body coordination and stylized arm movements, while Rhythm tap will focus solely on the rhythmic and percussive sounds of the feet.



Hip-Hop focuses on learning different dynamics and styles of choreography such as street, funk, pop and lock, and break dancing. Previous jazz training is encouraged, but not required.



A super fun class led by a former NFL cheerleader! Learn cheers, leaps, turns, and cutting edge choreography! Poms provided.



This class is rooted in the exciting history of Broadway musicals. Musical Theater dance incorporates ballet, tap, and jazz and places a high focus on musical interpretation. Dancers learn basic acting and use of their voice.



This special class gives passionate young students the opportunity to perform more!  The fall will focus on choreography for our Holiday performances with our Junior and Senior Company dancers. The spring will focus on choreography for our Spring Performance. Most importantly, students learn the importance or sharing this art form and their passion for it as a way to give back to the community.

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