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Students who do not come properly dressed to class (including hair) will not be allowed to participate.  Street clothing, sloppy layers, and messy hair distracts students from learning and creates a cluttered atmosphere.


Please remember that dancing at any level is an art form and a discipline, and should be treated as such.


All students must have proper dance clothing and shoes before your first class!


Dance Class Attire:

  • Black Downstage Dance leotards with tan or pink tights must be worn at all times for ages 5 and up. Ages 2-4 may wear colors with attached tutus/skirts and tights. 

  • Hair must be NEATLY tied up for all classes and in a BUN for Ballet class. Hair may never be worn down, or be in the dancers face at any time. 

  • No baggy t-shirts, pants, bra tops, bare legs, or street clothes of any kind are permitted in dance class.


Acceptable attire includes the following:

    •   BALLET:  Black Downstage Dance leotard, with pink or tan tights. Black or pink ballet skirts, or solid black dance shorts (spandex only) are acceptable.  

    •    MODERN: Black Downstage Dance leotard, pink or tan convertible tights. Solid black dance shorts or leggings acceptable. 

    •    TAP, JAZZ, HIP-HOP, MUSICAL THEATER & CHEER DANCE:  Black Downstage Dance leotard with tan tights. Black dance shorts, leggings, or jazz pants may be worn. 

Class Shoe Requirements:

  • Ballet:  Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers. Split sole recommended for ages 10 and older. 

  • Ballet/Combo Class Ballet Shoes:  We require Capezio “Love Ballet” Leather Ballet Shoes.  

  • Jazz, Cheerdance and Musical Theater:  Black leather jazz shoes.

  • Hip-Hop:  Black sneakers must be worn.  These must be a separate pair of shoes for dance only.  Daily school sneakers will not be permitted in the classroom! 

  • Tap:  Black leather tap shoes. No slip-on or split sole tap shoes permitted. Patent leather tap shoes (Capezio Jr. Tyette Tap Shoes) are only permitted for Combo classes and Beginner tap classes.

  • Company Classes: All company students must have black and tan split sole jazz shoes. Character shoes when necessary.

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