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This is a program designed for the dedicated and serious dancer. Versatility in all dance forms and enthusiasm are expected from each student with the hope of shaping well rounded performers. Downstage Dance Company members have the opportunity to perform company pieces in our annual performances, in addition to performing in communities around Long Island. ​
Auditioning is mandatory each year to maintain your spot. 
Company members will be financially responsible for all company dance wear, costumes, and field trip costs.

Monthly Company Tuition - $125


All current junior and senior company members, and anyone new to company, must audition to be considered. Students age 10+, with at least three consecutive years experience in two or more dance styles are eligible. If you have questions about your eligibility please see Heather or Kristen. 
Auditioning is mandatory each year to maintain your spot in company.
Attendance in ALL classes should be exemplary as a company dancer. If attendance is not consistent and/or excessive, dancers may be put on probation.
Company members will be financially responsible for all company dance wear, costumes, and field trip costs.


This special class gives passionate young students the opportunity to perform more! The fall will focus on choreography for our Holiday performances with our Junior and Senior Company dancers. The spring will focus on choreography for our Spring Performance. Most importantly, students learn the importance or sharing this art form and their passion for it as a way to give back to the community.

Class requirements: All Mini Company students must take ballet.

At least one year of Ballet class experience in the last 2 years is necessary to be considered for Mini Company classes.

(Additional class requirements and auditions are for junior and senior company only.)

Mini Company Class Costs will be charged as regular class tuition.


Junior and Senior Company Rehearsal
Intermediate or Advanced Ballet Technique
Intermediate or Advanced Ballet
Intermediate or Advanced Modern
Strength and Conditioning (Senior Company only)
*In Addition dancers must take at least 1 of the following:
Intermediate or Advanced Tap
Intermediate or Advanced Jazz
Musical Theater


Downstage Dance Company consists of a group of talented young dancers from ages 10-18 years old. Our students travel to hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, and local events to give free performances during the holiday season or at any time of your choice. Our shows are no longer then 30 minutes in length and can adapt to your facility. We are available to perform on weekends, or during school breaks. All we require is a clean open space and a room nearby where the girls can change their clothes and costumes. We do the rest! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring music and dance into peoples lives, and a great way for our kids to give back to their community.
Call or email the studio to book your event!


Any future Company performances will be announced here.

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